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About ZED

Zero Emissions Developments is an industry leading Professional Engineering Procurement & Construction company that specializes in providing Renewable energy generation, storage & back up solutions to both the residential and broader industrial sectors.

Ensuring that all ZED products are built to last with recyclable materials is key to our mission. ZED strives to create an efficient, sustainable future in which renewable technology is accessible to all.
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Residential Energy Generation

Specializing in sustainable energy generation systems since 2012, our engineers are well equipped to supply even the most unusual homes with a custom renewable energy solution. When you make an inquiry with our service team, a professionally registered and/or chartered engineer is assigned to your project to ensure that you receive sound advice that is tried and tested. While the majority of our residential energy generation systems come in the form of solar PV, our team of dedicated renewable energy system installers considers a range of factors to ensure a truly custom solution to suit your needs. By using only the highest quality materials and construction methods specific to your energy needs we can guarantee long term, worry-free energy security.

Residential Energy Storage

Zero Emissions Developments (ZED) is proud to announce it’s Behind-The-Meter® distributed energy solution for household energy security… the PowerCap®. As the price of unstable grid energy continues to rise, the PowerCap® has been designed to supply the daily energy needs of our residential clients to eliminate that stressful quarterly bill shock. This system not only stores energy sustainably, but it can also operate in ‘Virtual Power Plant’ (VPP) mode as a power bank to on-sell at peak tariff times. This industry-leading VPP functionality ultimately levelizes the grid network and provides total black out protection.

By responding to grid fluctuations in a matter of milliseconds, the PowerCap® system operates 24/7 to support critical peak demand. ZED’s mission is to make independent, secure energy accessible to all through Behind-The-Meter® renewable energy systems. Does a sustainably sourced energy bill at a fixed low price sound like something of interest? Contact us on the inquiry form below for a quote tailored to suit your needs.



Cell voltage



2.3 to 2.75V


Service Life 

25 years

Charge temperature
Discharge temperature
-20 to 80°C
-20 to 80°C

Commercial Energy Generation

Zero Emissions Developments (ZED) have developed and Patented single and dual-axis solar tracking systems that can be roof or ground-mounted. The SunStalker® produces up to a third more power than industry standard static panels. Due to their robust and accurate tracking ability, these PV panels generate energy closer to ‘peak’ demand times and are wind rated to zones A, B & C. ZED’s high quality, lightweight materials allow for rooftop mounting without supplementary support beams and generally require 30% fewer panels to achieve the same energy output.

ZED delivers industry leading design and construction services provided by their in-house team of RPEQ engineers. As every commercial project varies greatly in requirements and objectives, ZED understands the importance of a tailored service. Specializing in renewable solutions informed by civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and thermodynamic disciplines, ZED takes pride in their on-time, reliable and long-term energy systems.

Commercial Energy Storage

ZED’s industry-leading energy storage system, the PowerCap®, offers Behind-The-Meter® and off-grid energy security at a fixed price, competitive with any electricity retailer. By responding to grid fluctuations in a matter of milliseconds, the PowerCap® operates 24/7 to support critical peak demand. The system is 100% recyclable and has a life-span of up to 20 years longer than standard batteries.

This Australian designed and developed technology utilizes green waste carbon to store energy safely. This technology utilizes a high energy density electro-static charge which can cycle over 1 million times throughout its useful life, unlike existing battery technology which requires a reversible (and degrading) electrochemical reaction. This electro-static process is predominantly thermally neutral, meaning that little heat is consumed or released. This seamless exchange process ultimately results in little to no degradation in the functionality over time ultimately providing you with a secure energy storage system for life. If you would like to learn more about how a PowerCap® system could relieve your energy anxiety, use the contact form below or give us a call on 1300 933 247.

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