PowerCap® & Energy Storage FAQ’s

What is a PowerCap®?

The PowerCap® is a renewable, carbon-based battery that absorbs excess solar produced during the day for later use. The PowerCap® operates independently to the grid to provide 24/7 protection against blackout’s whilst reducing your carbon footprint and saving you money.

Unlike most batteries on the market today, the PowerCap® uses graphene to store its energy. This is because the chemical exchange between charge and discharge is a completely ‘neutral-neutral’. No dangerous chemicals, no degradation in efficiency and no fuss. The PowerCap® is 100% recyclable because it is made from the Earth for the Earth.



How Does The PowerCap® Work?

The PowerCap® connects to a local energy supply (solar or grid) through the switchboard and uses an inverter to regulate the charge and discharge. By nature, graphene is an incredibly stable element. This is the primary reason for the PowerCap® being used in high-risk settings such as airports, mine sites, hospitals etc. It works by capturing electrons within its very tight net of carbon atoms and releasing them upon demand.


PowerCap® with Solar

Coupling energy storage to your existing solar is the single best way to utilize your system’s value. By taking advantage of the sun and using the PowerCap® to store this energy for later use, owners always have access to secure, clean energy.

The PowerCap® can be incorporated into both existing and new solar systems. To ensure protection during power outages, Zed recommends that 15kWh of energy storage be fitted to accommodate for 6.6kW of solar PV. If, however, power bill fee reduction is your primary goal, a smaller PowerCap® (8.5kWh) unit can be installed to provide general energy storage support.



PowerCap® with the Grid

When the PowerCap® is installed with no accompanying solar system, it can charge from the grid during low tariff times to protect against peak period electricity charges.


PowerCap® with a Generator

Although the PowerCap® can be used in conjunction with back up generators, an external Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) or Manual Transfer Switch (MTS) is required. In the event of a black out, the PowerCap® responds immediately to provide back up power. A generator is only employed when the PowerCap®’s charge drops below a set threshold. Generally, this would only occur during extended periods of power vacancy. Because the PowerCap® is directly connected to the power switchboard it cannot charge directly from a generator.


Why is Energy Storage Important?

As the amount of coal and oil on this Earth is surely depleting, alternate methods of energy generation, storage and backup must be developed and employed. By absorbing excess energy during grid surge periods and releasing power in times of need, the PowerCap® stabilizes the grid making it more accessible and functional. Energy storage is surest protection during crisis periods such as natural disasters, grid surges and terrorist attacks. It acts to provide consistent, reliable power to protect against absolute energy catastrophe.


How is Energy Storage Helpful to the Grid?

Energy storage is already working to support critical grid infrastructure, as more units come online this will only get better. Existing industrial and residential energy storage system’s work is three ways to support power networks: Load Balance, Bridge Power and Power Quality Management. Load Balancing occurs when energy is shifted in accordance with demand, Bridging Powers works to ensure that power is available on a second-to-second basis and Power Quality Management is simply the control of voltage and frequency to prevent appliance or equipment damage. These three elements are crucial to maintaining a healthy and functional grid.


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