Residential Energy Generation

Specializing in sustainable energy generation systems since 2012, our engineers are well equipped to supply even the most unusual homes with a custom renewable energy solution. When you make an inquiry with our service team, a professionally registered and/or chartered engineer is assigned to your project to ensure that you receive sound advice that is tried and tested. While the majority of our residential energy generation systems come in the form of solar PV, our team of dedicated renewable energy system installers consider a range of factors to ensure a truly custom solution to suit your needs. By using only the highest quality materials and construction methods specific to your energy needs we can guarantee long term, worry-free energy security.

Residential Energy Storage

Zero Emissions Developments (ZED) is proud to announce it’s Behind-The-Meter® distributed energy solution for household energy security… the PowerCap®. As the price of unstable grid energy continues to rise, this technology has been designed to supply the daily energy needs of our residential clients to eliminate that stressful quarterly bill shock. This system not only stores energy sustainably, but it can also operate in ‘Virtual Power Plant’ (VPP) mode as a power bank to on-sell at peak tariff times. This industry-leading VPP functionality ultimately levels the grid network to increase your financial returns.

By responding to grid fluctuations in a matter of milliseconds, the PowerCap® system operates 24/7 to support critical peak demand. The system is 100% recyclable and has a life-span up to 20 years longer than standard batteries. ZED’s mission is to make independent, secure energy accessible to all through Behind-The-Meter® renewable energy systems. Does a sustainably sourced energy bill at a fixed low price sound like something of interest? Contact us on the inquiry form below for a quote tailored to suit your needs.


Charge time
Cycle life
Cell voltage
15 Minutes
2.3 to 2.75V
Specific energy (Wh/kg)
Specific power (W/kg)
Service life (industrial)
75 (typical)
Up to 10,000
25 years
Charge temperature
Discharge temperature
-40 to 85°C
-40 to 85°C

Residential Energy Backup

ZED’s industry-leading Thermo-Electric Energy Back-up technology allows for cost-effective, prolonged energy back-up until the renewable resource is operational. The stored thermal energy in any solid, liquid, or gas phase fuel can then be converted to useful electrical power through the use of ZED’s Patented N- Gen® Turbine. The system can be used in Rankine Cycle, Organic Rankine Cycle or Brayton Cycle mode depending on the available fuel and it can be sized to suit the respective application in 2 ways (i) Power Output (from 2kW-electric to multiple MW electric), or (ii) Energy Storage+Capacity (from 20kWh electric to multiple MWh-electric). If properly maintained, the lifespan of this technology is up to 50 years.


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